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ACTION ALERT: Biotech Industry Launches New GMO Campaign in 2006

Following widespread opposition by farmers, bakers, environmentalists,health experts, and consumer organizations, Monsanto two years ago abandoned efforts to intro-duce genetically modified (GM) Roundup Ready wheat into the marketplace. No comprehensive studies have been done on the effects of GM foods on human health or the environment. GMfoods in the United States are not required to be labeled, and consumers have no way of makingan informed choice. In early 2006, Syngenta, one of the world’s largest biotech companies, teamed up with powerful trade associations and lobbyists to launch a new effort to introduce GMwheat.

Please sign the Save Wheat petition. Copies will be sent to the President, Congress, USDA, FDA, EPA, agricultural officials, food manufacturers, the UN, WHO, and other bodies.


"I oppose modern genetically modified (GM) wheat and support efforts, including mandatory labeling of all GM foods, to preserve natural and organic wheat, rice, and other essential foods for my children, grandchildren, and future generations. Through my food choices, I will strive to keep America and the planet beautiful, healthy, and peaceful."





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