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Amber Waves of Grain

Amberwaves of Grain, by Alex and Gale Jack

Amber Waves of Grain by Alex and Gale Jack. Traditional American whole foods cooking and contemporary vegetarian, vegan, and macrobiotic cuisine. Over 200 delicious, healthful recipes, including regional specialties such as Southern Cornbread, Texas-Style Tofu Kebabs, Wild Rice Croquettes, New England Baked Beans and Corn Chowder, Hope Bread and Zuni Corn Balls, and other tasty dishes, as well as naturally sweetened desserts, including Squash Pie, Lemon Tofu Crumblme Pie, Amasake Pudding, and Sinfully Delicious Walnut-Strawberry Cookies. Special recipes include Ben Franklin's Bread, George Washington's Rice Waffles, Abigail Adams' Squash Rolls, and Brown Rice a la Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings.

$15.95, quality paperback, illustrated.


"Alex and Gale Jack have created one of the most exceptional and unique natural foods cookbooks we have encountered . . . Unlike many gourmet cookbooks that contain recipes with dauntingly long lists of ingredients, Amber Waves of Grain focuses on simplicity of ingredients as well as cooking methods. Many of the recipes contain no more than three or four ingredients. The emphasis is not on fancy foods with intricate processes but on ingredients that are whole, natural, and healthful . . . The Jacks demonstrate the simplicity of every day cooking in a way that reaches into one's heart and soul."
Vegetarian Paradise

"Amber Waves of Grain is so much more than a cookbook . . . I felt both enlightened and entertained by the brilliant and sweeping explanation of diet "as the hidden mechanism of history" and the consequences for human and environmental health that should be taught in every school across the land. The selection of historic quotes from Thomas Jefferson to Kahlil Gibran and so many others makes this cookbook a great read." Meredith McCarty, author of Sweet and Natural